• The shy wallflower

  • The hip Brooklynite

  • The lone female hacker

  • The snarky best friend

  • The flirty receptionist

  • The no-nonsense young mom

  • A Shakespearean heroine

  • A young jennifer aniston or Laura Linney

  • A Ravenclaw

  • Smart, strong, compassionate, and determined

A Philadelphia native, Taylor grew up under a rock. Not literally, but theatre was nonexistent in her home and her parents are still confused how she ended up pursuing acting. She was originally a pre-law student at Temple University when a monologue assignment led her to completely change her plans and run away to Hofstra University where she was accepted into their B.F.A. program for acting. ​She graduated from Hofstra with honors following her thesis on Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, a production she adapted to be done in 90 minutes with six actors and that she led as Isabella and other characters.

Since moving to New York City, Taylor has been a part of numerous local bands music videos culminating in being called in for Lorde's "Team" music video, accidentally aided in the murder of her boyfriend in Discovery ID's "Frenemies" series, helped develop and originate many new plays, became a craft beer enthusiast, and discovered Friends and became a superfan. She lives in Astoria with her adopted cats, Macy and Maggie, where they pretend to live in a "Fixer Upper" apartment. 



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